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My name: Cardiff Rangers
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About me: two little boys fans of power rangers now living in Cardiff since Jan 2008.......
From: United Kingdom
Other: handy2008
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Mama Safina
Latest entry:The Jeans Girls!!!!
Finally...arrived safely at Bristol Airport....It was indeed an awesome vacation..but still, really glad to be back home..(which means to me ; 'Get back to work!!!') View this Fotopage entry
ken dedes
Latest entry:Among-among si Puah
biarlah gambar yang berbicara... :-> View this Fotopage entry
Rokawa Kaede
Latest entry:Ummi belajar Photo Editing
Hasil kerja ummi.. Daripada gambar ini.. Diedit menjadi gambar ini.. Menggunakan free online photo editing website dan Tahnian ummi!! :-D View this Fotopage entry
Cardiff Keluarga
Latest entry:SCC Photos
The above photos are now available for sale (click the link above to view the full thumbnails). 50% of the profit will go towards the SCC Fund. So come on..lets do our bit in helping our children's education in Cardiff! 4"x6" photos @ £2.50 per copy To order: 1. Place your order via email to me before midnight Wednesday 25th June 2008. Orders made after this will have to pay £1.50 for delivery. (State full contact details, the image number and number of copies) 2. Please pay cash and collect ... View this Fotopage entry

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